Ingrid Loukota – President & CEO:   With Atlantic since 1976 and working up to corporate management, Ingrid is a recognized broker and fundraising expert among non-profit professionals. Major philanthropic organizations rely upon her expertise to build and increase their acquisition programs.  Ingrid realizes volume objectives for clients through extensive knowledge of database modeling and non-traditional list sources.

Maia Worden – Chief Operating Officer:   Coming to Atlantic in 1990, Maia consults with fundraisers on capital campaigns for museum membership and memorial building, non-profit advocacy and political campaigns.  Maia’s experience has shown testing from diverse markets and sources can establish resilient constituent files to sustain both bricks-and-mortar projects and ongoing campaigns.  For Atlantic, Maia oversees brokerage/acquisition services and internal systems.

Arlene Baum – VP, Bush Lists:   Continuing the Bush List hallmark of excellence since 1988 and with Atlantic in 2010, Arlene’s expertise is in the Christian consumer and business-to-business media.  She provides detailed and individualized planning and research for Christian marketers.  Her dual experience as a broker/manager gives her invaluable knowledge of all aspects of the mailer’s program, their true customer profile, and strategies that are successful.

Rowena Gan – Supervisor:  Joining Atlantic in January 2005, Rowena handles a wide range of responsibilities for data list management. She works with new and existing customers to find and deliver lists for their campaigns and list plans from across Atlantic’s managed political and non-profit files. Rowena also interacts with list-owners on file updates, clearance requests, calendar management, source data acquisition and reporting. Current clients include American Federation of Police, David Horowitz Freedom Center, The Hay-Adams Group, USO and Marine Corps Heritage Foundation.