Marketing Services

Atlantic provides Management and Marketing consulting services, partnering with list owners to provide data for multi-channel users to maximize list revenue and/or increase list exchange opportunities.

Management and Marketing Services


Asset Protection

The list of your Buyers/Donors/Members/Subscribers is your most valuable asset. Atlantic treats every list with care, striking a balance between list rentals and exchanges.


File Enhancement/Appending and Segmentation

Adding new data elements to your file increases value for end-users, and increases profitability for list owners. Atlantic utilizes hundreds of demographic and psychographic enhancements to improve list performance


Revenue Maximization

Sales contacts to brokers, mailers and agencies to get your data on end-user mail plans in a variety of markets.


Exchange File Management

Fulfilling exchange obligations in tandem with acquisition mail objectives and goals.


Broker Consultation

Every contact is an opportunity for an exchange of knowledge, and this is where Atlantic excels. Direct sales from Atlantic to the Broker will lead to more use of your data by the end users.